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        Academic Staff (What makes VTC such a popular Centre)

        At VTC we are proud to have excellent tutors with a wealth of experience and appropriate qualifications.


        Allesandra: A Level Biology/A Level Physics/O Level Biology/O Level  Physics/O Level  Italian

        Having a Master of Science in Biology and a teaching qualification, I taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Italy for 14 years in Italian High Schools, before moving to South Africa in 2012.

        I discovered the Cambridge syllabuses when I arrived in South Africa and I found their approach complete, rich and stimulating, definitely the best preparation for University.

        I chose to teach at VTC as I found the individual teaching offered at the centre much more effective and rewarding for both student and teacher, moreover done in a friendly and relaxing environment, where communication among colleagues and student is constant and efficient.


        Amber: O Level English and O Level Biology.

        I have been tutoring for 3 years now in English, Afrikaans, and Biology. I chose to teach at VTC as it is a wonderful opportunity for me to gain experience teaching small groups before I attempt large classes. I like the CIE curriculum as it provides a way for students to gain an education that is bettered suited to their needs than a conventional high school


        Carol: O Level History/A Level History.

        During 30 years of teaching I have had the privilege of being involved with young people of all different faiths, nationalities and ages. I have had the experience of teaching according to provincial syllabi, the Waldorf curriculum and now the Cambridge International Examinations, for three years as a History tutor at VTC. The Centre is very different but without a doubt gives students the opportunity to develop the skills to which they are best suited and guides them in the importance of self-discipline and reliance. It is a pleasure to be among colleagues who are interested in each student as an individual.


        Christine: A Level French, O Level Spanish, O Level History

        Being a French national and British qualified, I have taught Foreign Languages and History for the past 15 years in British and International schools in the UK and abroad. I have come across many syllabuses but I always felt that only Cambridge offered a true International perspective and really challenged the students’ minds to become strong young men and women in today’s global world. When I arrived in South Africa, I chose to teach at VTC as I admired the special relationships the centre had established with each of its students and the way the lessons were delivered to really suit the students’ individual needs.


        Debbie: AS/A level and O Level English First Language

        I have been teaching English for over 20 years preparing students for the National Senior Certificate offered by both the DBE and the IEB in South Africa. As a newcomer to the Cambridge curriculum I am very impressed with the high standard of literacy it upholds. I have been struck by the valuable opportunities it offers young people who see themselves as citizens of a wider world - one with unlimited possibilities. What appeals to me about VTC is that it provides a balance between nurture and structure while still encouraging students to be self-empowered. I hope that my passion for the English language and culture will add value to the aspirations of their students.


        Fiona: Chemistry to A-level, Maths at O level, with Statistics to A-level.

        I have been tutoring Chemistry, Physics and Maths since 1998, and have experience in various syllabi- NSC, IEB, TVET, Saxon (USA) and, of course, Cambridge, which offers a well-balanced internationally recognised education, that encourages critical thinking and self-motivation,  two very important life skills.

        I use an intuitive, sympathetic approach to my tutoring, which allows me to achieve success with young people, who are differently-abled or struggling with issues that they face daily in this modern fast-paced world.

        I work at VTC as it is one of the very few educational institutions in the Far South that recognise the value of the Cambridge system.


        Gill: AS English Language and Literature/O Level English Literature

        I have been teaching English to high school English students and writing children's books for the past thirty years. Presently, I tutor at the Valley Tutor Centre and run evening writing courses for the Bergvliet Continuing Education Programme. I enjoy teaching the Cambridge curriculum because of the interesting, challenging, versatile content. The Cambridge English curriculum encourages students to explore ideas and express their opinions, therefore equipping them to face the challenges of tertiary education and/or the job market. I have been teaching at VTC since 2013 when I moved to Cape Town, and was introduced to the centre by a very special, gifted Physics and Chemistry Professor, George Delpierre, who was tutoring at the Centre at that time. I appreciate the Christian ethos of VTC.


        Grey: O Level and A Level Accounting, O Level and A Level Business Studies

        Having obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Business, I have developed a passion to make a positive difference on the future of children and for me it’s a great fulfilling challenge: stimulating the next generation to become lifelong learners. I have taught Accounting and Business studies for several years and this experience has enabled me to formulate an approach that is best for success of students. I chose the Cambridge curriculum as it prepares students for life, helping them to develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning. VTC has a unique approach to teaching, which ensures effective and efficient lesson delivery as the needs of the student are easily identified and addressed.


        Iain: Computer Science (O and AS) and I host a Graphic Design course.

        I have taught on and off informally for about five years now. I chose to teach at VTC because I have a way with connecting to kids - and a passion to impart some meaningful virtues into their lives.


        Knewell: O Level and AS/A Level Physics and Mathematics

        Passion has driven me to venture into the education field. It has always been my dream to give back to the community and I found teaching as the best way to do it. At the present moment in my carrier, I am at entry level having only been in the industry for two years now. I studied an Engineering degree and that guarantees quality education for an A Level student. VTC and Knewell found each other and it has been a pleasant journey together. Well, I found a home in VTC. There is a wonderful team, both students and staff are committed to their work. What makes VTC the best for me is the fact that they use the Cambridge Curriculum which is by no doubt the best in the world.


        Lina: Sciences, Biology, Maths

        I have taught Sciences, Biology and Maths over a period of 27yrs. I began teaching after I had children and I have taught at Private and government Schools. My longest period of service was 17years at BHS - which I must admit I loved.

        I enjoy the teaching at VTC as it is focused and orientated towards the student. Cambridge has many advantages for students as it enables them to take a few or more subjects each year- instead of the overload at government schools, which have to follow a teaching guideline, and time frame.


        Mark: Business Studies and Accountancy

        I have a passion for both of these subjects and I try to instill this passion into my students. I chose to get involved with VTC as I feel that I can make a difference in the students lives.


        Meryl: Grade 8 and 9 Maths, and Art from Grade 8 to AS level.

        Having homeschooled my own children I have value in this type of education. I’ve had many years interacting with students and enjoyed helping them to reach their goals. I enjoy working with the children at VTC as there is more opportunity to work one-on-one in Maths, filling any gaps in their basics that they may have before they move on to the higher grades. The Art syllabus allows for a creative freedom while learning all the basic techniques. Small classes give me an opportunity to get to know my students well, and find their particular creative edge. Valley Tutor Centre is a friendly educational environment for children to develop, and become the best they can be.


        Sally: English O Level, Remedial teacher

        I worked for many years as a remedial teacher and having retired I still love the interaction with students. I started with VTC 12 years ago to help with English and other subjects. I enjoy the values and standards that VTC sets and the caliber of students they accept. I enjoy teaching the Cambridge syllabus because they concentrate on the students command of the English language.


        Theo: O Level and AS level business studies/AS level Economics

        After being in the business trenches in South Africa and involved in business relations with other African countries for the past 27 years, I decided to share my tertiary education and business experience with young people preparing for life after school. To live out this mission I decided to join VTC as a tutor because it is a centre with a genuine passion for young people and also providing them with a moral compass. Furthermore, and very important to me, VTC follows the Cambridge Programmes and Syllabi – recognised by prominent universities and businesses worldwide.


        Tim: Grade 8 & 9 English/Afrikaans/History/Geography/IGCSE Afrikaans/Geography/Dev Studies/Travel and Tourism/Environmental Management/AS Afrikaans

        After studying for a BA in Afrikaans and Nederlands at UCT and completing my HED, I taught Afrikaans at Fish Hoek Senior High School for nine years. I then set up a business in bespoke carpentry before the teaching bug bit again. I taught at Capella House for two and a half years and due to forced retrenchments found myself with the opportunity to try something new. I joined VTC House in 2015 and was immediately impressed with the Cambridge syllabus. I enjoy tutoring as opposed to teaching as the key is to allow the students to unlock their own futures while offering them encouragement and support.


        Tony: AS Pure Maths

        Having worked into actuarial and the IT industry for many years, I have also enjoyed tutoring Maths at VTC. I highly regard working one-on-one with AS students as I help them get the best grades as possible.


        Val: English to A Level/Remedial teacher

        Having taught for many years at government schools doing remedial teaching and having completed further studies in Psychology, I like to use my expertise at VTC in helping with remedial teaching, Psychology, Sociology and English. I enjoy working at VTC because the Cambridge curriculum allows students to understand a subject rather than regurgitating facts.



        Admin Staff (The friendly faces to welcome you at VTC)


        Melinda Behr:


        Cheryl   Botha